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Creative Christians 2015 - 2016 School Year

Holiday Schedule

November 10th:  The students will plant their fall garden with Bill and Carol Adams. They can take home one of the spider plants that need transplanting. Fruits of the Spirit Galatians 5:22 - 23

Start scriptural imagery unit. Introduce Christian Action Game, Talk about what it means to have Christian values. Start bell rehearsals.

November 17th:  During class time we will create pictures that describe Psalms 23 and continue to memorize the scripture.

November 22nd:  Thanksgiving Dinner in fellowship hall. Students will recite Psalms 23 and display their artwork.

November 24th Fall Party:  Class will be held at Ms. Janet's house. This will be a time of celebration. Students will use things that we grew in the garden to make ornaments for Christmas.

December 1st:  Cooking class "ms. Suzy Q and her cooking crew" Christmas cookies and deserts for our Music Fest production.

December 8th:  Ornament and gift making. Rehearsals.

December 15th:  Program Rehearsal and gift making.

December 20th:  Music Fest production and potluck.

December 22nd:  Christmas Party at Ms. Janet's house.

December 29th:  Class at Ms. Susan's House.

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  2. Art
  4. BarbieLand
  5. Seasonal
  6. Action

  7. Gardening