March 2016 Schedule
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Creative Christians 2015 - 2016 School Year

March 2016 Schedule

Spring is upon us! Actually it already feels like summer.

March 1st:
Ms. Susan made taco salad and pimento cream with the students. Afterwards, we worked on the play and actually had some down time outside.

March 8th:
Is spring break for Scottsdale so we will have class in my studio home. The students will work on their artistic abilities through paint and paper.

March 15th:
Is our St Patrick Day party here at my home. Going green theme includes just about everything:
Paint, paper, snack, green grass, recycling and growing spiritually!

March 22nd:
We will be back on the boat, literally!
Our class will be in the NSUMC classroom and back on the boat scene for the “Whale of the Tale” play.
Hopefully we will soon be in scene two, “the ocean blue” filled with mermaids, sharks and scuba diver
Oh! And don’t forget the submarine!

Whale of a Tale Play
The part the student plays was written by what I knew they were interested in. If your student wants a bigger part by way of being in more scenes or having more dialogue I can improvise. The script is not written in stone. If you are offended by anything please inform me immediately. Be prepared to give me an alternative conversation that fixes the script. All things come together at the end as it is written.

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