January 2015
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January 2015

+-Happy New Year!

Our mission for January is to discover as many ways as possible to use a snowflake cookie cutter. Our theme this month is about the uniqueness of snowflakes. Just like humans, if they join together they can become something amazing. We will explore the diversity of creativity and I will challenge the students to apply it to mankind. This should be fun for any age. Come join us as we play in the snow and create our own winter wonderland that will flurry down the halls of NSUMC!

+-Cooking / January 5th

Planning ahead to February 22nd: Ms Suzy Q and her cooking crew will be busy, busy, busy in the kitchen making casseroles, enchiladas and a dynamite dessert.

+-Gardening / January 12th

We welcome 2 new teachers to our volunteer staff. Bill and Carol Adams will be sharing their talents in gardening on the second Tuesday of the month.

+-Regular class time

Our classroom time will be spent rehearsing for the puppet praise song that is coming soon. If your child was not enrolled during the summer and does not have a puppet we can schedule a session on a Thursday afternoon to make their own. We will also be writing our script for the February “Minute of Fame Showcase” This production takes place on February 22nd at 11:30 p,m. It will be a dinner theater.
Regular attendance is necessary to secure a part in the program.


We will continue our journaling, using scriptures and quotes to stimulate their creativity.


During snack time someone special will present a scriptlure that their team had to search the bible to find. After we read the scripture and say a blessing over our snacks, I usually add a small devotion time while they are eating, then we discuss how it applies to their life.


Barbara Rodriquez has offered to do a signup site. We really just need fresh vegetables and fruit weekly. We only drink water and an occasional punch or tea. We use staples like popcorn, raisins, m&m’s, cereals and pretzels. We mix it together and make a trail mix. Please nothing over processed or sugary. We have enough energy without any added sugar.

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