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Creative Christians 2016 - 2017 School Year

Creative Christians 2016 - 2017
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Creative Christians
Creative Christians will be investigating Bible stories, Scriptures, and the needs of NSUMC
Be Creative
Inspire Others
Touch Lives
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Creative Christians Overview

Praising God and Having Fun is Our Main Focus

Classes are intended to foster spiritual growth, friendships and creativity. Each week scriptures are read and a Bible story is studied. Students learn how to look up the scriptures in the Bible and read them to the class during our devotion time. This is followed by devotion and a Bible story discussion. Kids say amazing things and their responses can challenge all of us to deepen our understanding. We read from different versions of the Bible to help us understand better.

Relaxation and Action:

Deep Breaths
Drawing and Painting
Laughing Practice


Writing and drawing in a journal silently as individuals Hoping and planning our future through our gifts. Accepting God’s generosity through his Son Weaving fabric, yarns and fibers Reaching out in thoughtful ways. Giving without “strings attached”

Crafting gifts
Investigation skills
Card making

Offering Thankfully
Praise God
and Having Fun.

Creative Christians Proposal


Respectful guidance in a Christian environment will evoke a love for the creative spirit within. Interaction with an acknowledgement of our great Creator and Divine Lord will foster security. Our history of faithful fellowship will reveal a love for each other.

Goal: Having fun and praising God

Define Purpose:

Foster Creativity
Provide Education
Promote Growth
Reveal Gifts
Identify Objectives
Small Groups


Define Purpose

Foster Creativity
By experimenting with our surroundings to find ways to care, share, and help.
Provide Education
By acknowledging our gifts and discovering ways to serve others.
Promote Growth
By setting short term goals and long term plans.
Reveal Gifts
Through the actions and involvement with other students, families, church, and community.

Identify Objectives

By acknowledging the gifts that already exist in the individual and within the group.
Is developed by expressing, nurturing and displaying creativity.
is promoted as the group learns to critique and encourage each other with respect and love.
involvement is a long term goal of the group as it reaches out and fellowship grows.


Announcing the group’s short term goals.
Displaying accomplishments and upcoming events.
Sharing short term goals and long term plans.
Establishing commitment to the community.
Small Groups
Encouraging creativity and fellowship.
Accomplishing long term plans through individual and group creativity.

August 2016

Creative Christians FBI Jesus

There are several exciting changes in Creative Christians!
Creative Christians starts back on August 19th.
This semester we will meet on Friday afternoons 3:30-5:30 p.m.
A perfect way to start the weekend.
Our summer program is not over! Even if you missed the summer art camp,you can still be an active Creative Christian.
Sunday August the 28th CC students will ROCK!
During art camp this summer Pastor Nancy had us working on a special mission. During art camp we painted crosses on rocks. The last Sunday of August Creative Christians are invited to stand with the ushers and pass the rocks out to every one entering. Their rocks play a unique part in the sermon. We need Creative Christians during both services.

August activities:

The first class we will get our classroom set up with various offices, investigation teams, journals, and portfolio boxes..
We will also go over classroom safety, jobs, events, games and jokes.
Yes I did say jokes.
I would like to have a puppet joke night early next spring.
All “age appropriated” jokes for “family ears” are needed.
After screening the jokes we will incorporate them in the program.
All church members are invited to submit jokes.

August 26th

Creative Christians will hit the ground running.
No, rephrase that statement.
We will hit the ground dusting.!
After summer, classrooms need extra help. We like to dust …so don’t sit still or we will dust you. Dusting is a good way for all the students to participate in the care of our NSUMC campus.
During our dusting mission there will be a secret scripture scavenger hunt. The scripture cards we will use during this semester will be hidden in the designated dusting locations. Please stay and supervise if you can. It will be funner!

    During the month we will:
  • Set up the classroom into investigation stations
  • Make cards for our local police
  • Work on the Whale of a Tale video
  • Recruit friends
Our Bible stories are from Genesis. Our scriptures focus on protection and overcoming fear.

Creative Christians Reunite
September 2nd
Skeleton Sketching
Journaling About Moses
September 9th
September Park Day
Masks and Webs
Art Show 2016
Witches of Scottsdale
TP Mummies
Mystery Workshop
Thanksgiving Planning
Here Comes Santa
Rudolph Sing-A-Long
Holiday Performance
Holiday Performance Audience
Holiday Performance Festivities
Fire Station Visit
Whale of a Tale
Cooking With Suzy Q
Snowball Fight After Yummy Lunch
Sweet Smiles
Candy Making With Ms Carol and Suzy Q
Valentines Party
Mardi Gras Masks
Crafting Tables
St Patty's Park Day
Easter Egg Painting and Puppets
Easter Egging Around
Super Heroes and Easter Bunnies
Fellowship and Artsy Planning
Puppet Profiles
JNN Puppet Radio Joke Show
Jesus Network News Radio Joke Show Script

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