Creative Christians 2018 - 2019 School Year
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Creative Christians 2018 - 2019 School Year

Spring Party
Gauc Party
Happy Easter
Easter Love
Teddy Bear Tea Party

Creative christians used small china tea sets and big bears. Chocolates and flowers with peach tea was served. We also made cards and gift bags for someone special.
Happy Valentines

Chocolate Valentines and Scottsdale Snowballs
Elfing Around
Christmas Cookies
Santa And Decorations
Christmas Sing-A-Long
Turkey Time
Jesus Network News
Project Christmas Child Shoebox Initiative
Halloween Party
JNN Rehearsal
First Day Back

The students searched the room for supplies then presented their list items and location. After they identify everything they switch lists to put the items back.

Students worked in journals, had a classroom scavenger hunt, played quick draw and worked on the upcoming JNN production. Next week they will be cooking with Ms Susan.

Overview for the School Year
Creative Christians

We are still the CIA “Christians in Action”
Our mission focus will be on pets and nature.
We will find ways we can help our families, our church family and the community.

September 7th
Our first class the students will learn our routine and how to brainstorm for our future projects. Your input is valuable. We will start our journals and be using them for building and planning the future. You know your children best so encourage them to draw, write or speak their interest. We can also glue information notes and reminders in your student's journal.

Creative Christians will share their creativity as we prepare JNN (Jesus Network News) fall production on November 4th. We want our congregation to know what we can do. We can sing, paint, act, and dance, laugh, pray and praise.
This is my favorite part of Creative Christians. Reaching in and bringing out gifts and bonding in fellowship. I have invited all of the church students to audition their abilities and we will introduce them as “Guest artists.” JNN will be a novelty collage of creativity.
JNN will be performed November 4th in the fellowship hall after second service. Students will work with Ms. Suzy Q in preparing our meal during class on November 2nd. I hope to have “super chefs” take a bow for the amazing food. Please volunteer to come in the kitchen.
Creative Christians need to talk to me immediately as to what part they would like to play in the production.
Here is a startup list to get your children inspired:
  • Singers
  • Dancer
  • Actors
  • Sport’s Announcer
  • Lead Chef
  • Technical Support
  • Magician
  • Comedian
  • Small Group Praise Skits
  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Costuming
  • Talk Show Reporter
The sky is the limit. CC students will practice and rehearse the program during class time.
All guests will need to audition after Sunday school and then rehearse once. Guest performers are required to develop their skill and bring their “gift” to the show.
Creative Christians can choose their talent now and we will work with them in class and reach out to the congregation to help us with piano, guitar and accompaniment.

CC has been asked to serve as greeters on the 5th Sundays of the month. September 30th They serve as greeters. They can also pass out handcrafted invites to JNN.
December 30th
March 31st

On these dates, stand at the outside doors in front of the sanctuary. Look each person in the eyes and say “Welcome to our church” while shaking their hand. It is such a beautiful thing to watch when the children serve as greeters.

Parties are held at Janet Flournoy’s home.
These are the party dates for the year:
  • October 26th Halloween
  • November 16th Thanksgiving
  • December 21st Christmas
These are the Production Dates:
  • November 4th​ Production in Fellowship Hall
  • December 9th ​Christmas Sing-a-Long

Snacks: Please sign-up to bring snacks. The snack list is on the wall outside the classroom door. Bring only healthy food. Please sign up or send a $20 gift card to pay for a semester of snacks.

Field Trips:
  • Trip to Arizona animal shelter TBA
  • December 21st Caroling
We will continue serving the church as the CIA investigators. We will always search for opportunities to share, care, and love as we
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  5. Seasonal
  6. Action

  7. Gardening